Yoga and Ayurveda to Transform Stress

inner resource education and lifestyle design support for entrepreneurs

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Ground in Nature

All practices are grounded in the most current scientific research, educate about transforming stress through a experiential learning about the 5 elements, and are all about action, action, action. 

Our Teachers

Flow with Life

Understanding the elements of nature allows you to create an adaptable self-care practice that focuses productivity as well enjoyment. Membership and class packs offer variety in practices while deepening your relationship to the five elements when combined with our foundations course. 

Online Practice

Create Your Space

Our eCourses, class packs, one-on-one coaching, and membership combine to inform and support you in the process of developing a well designed stress-free entrepreneur lifestyle. 

Individualized Coaching

Tools for Humans

Simple and effective practices of movement, breath, and mindfulness to support you in right action.

Embody the Elements

Our Foundation eCourse utilizes simple practices to increase body awareness and build a deeper relationship with the natural world. With focus on practice over theory you experience the benefits quickly. This is a toolbox of techniques for transforming stress. The goal is for you to feel confident adapting your practice to your own ever changing needs.

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"I've Got Your Back"

Bye Bye tension and pain!  With a focus on countering long hours at the computer and deep relaxation our practices are efficient, effective, and systematic. Downloadable to any device to use anywhere anytime without props, mats, or changing clothes. 

Coherence for you and your whole crew.

Simple practice to integrate into your workday that develop a self-care rhythm that your whole team will be on-board with.  

Made to Move You

Breath focused, detail oriented posture practices for stability, flow, alignment, coherence, creative expression, and integration. With practice you will be empowered to recognize where you're at, get clarity, and make necessary shifts.


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